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Services and Fees: On-Going Management

Semi-Annual Review or Annual Review

On-Going services provides a continuing relationship.  These services include all pertinent financial planning as well as on-going investment management. Clients that utilize our On-Going services benefit from us managing their portfolio and  ‘’doing the work”.  Milne Financial Planning assists in implementing the recommendations and monitoring that clients remain on track.  Included is phone, email and support during the year as well as one (Annual Review) or two (Semi-Annual Review) meetings each year.

Milne Financial Planning fees for on-going services are calculated by first determining a flat fee based on net worth and then adding a percentage (0.495%) of total investable assets.  The Semi-Annual Review has a minimum fee of $3,500 and the Annual Review has a minimum fee of $3,000.   The first year of an on-going relationship involves a lot of changes, generally on-going clients engage us for the Semi-Annual Review and then are free to choose the Annual Review in subsequent years.   A client typically engages one of the flat fee services before becoming an On-going client.  When converting from a flat fee service, a discount is available on the first-year on-going fee services.   

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can best assist you.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.