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Services & Fees

Basic Review: $750 

The Basic Review is an interactive one-time meeting is based on each client’s unique circumstances and structured to answer client questions. Clients are welcome to take notes and may take home any illustrations created during the meeting.

The scope of this meeting is often limited to time, typically around three hours.  Depending on the client’s individual circumstances, the meeting may cover only one area of concern (such as retirement planning or portfolio allocation) or it may cover multiple areas of concern.

Full Financial Plan: $3,500

The Full Financial Plan is often the result of a client specific need but the service is intended to review all aspects of the client’s finances, goals and future needs. This service includes a written report outlining the clients current financial position as well as detailed comments, suggestions and specific recommendations. 

The resulting report is often used as the “road map” to move forward and track the next steps. The Full Financial Plan service engagement typically lasts up to six months . 

On-Going Service:
Asset Management & Financial Planning

We offer two on-going services:
Semi-Annual Review (minimum fee $3,000)
Annual Review (minimum fee $2,250). 

On-Going services are for clients who desire a continued relationship with Milne Financial Planning and have completed one of the new client services. This annually renewable service includes On-Going investment management as well as financial planning on a reoccurring basis. Clients that utilize our On-Going management also benefit from open communication regarding their finances to remain on track.

Milne Financial Planning fees for on-going services are calculated by first determining a flat fee based on net worth and then adding a percentage (0.375%) of total investable assets.