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Getting Started 

New clients may choose from the Basic Review or the Full Financial Plan. To learn more about each of these services, please visit Services & Fees. 

What to Expect

The first meeting is a working meeting; it is informal and the dress is casual. We tell people, bring your wheelbarrow full of stuff (financial information) and we will answer your questions. Not every meeting is the same, but typically we will start with paperwork, which consists of the Form ADV and my contract. Next we will talk about why you came and where you are in life. More importantly, we will discuss what you hope to accomplish in the future. After those steps, the direction is dependent on your questions and needs. Past experience tells us many clients are looking for spending/retirement guidance and a review of their portfolio.

Please click HERE to view our 2018 Form ADV Part II

Materials to Bring

 Meeting Materials Checklist 

After the Meeting

At the end of the meeting you may:

  1. Decide to do nothing. Often clients' questions are completely answered. This type of client decides when they would like the next meeting. This may be in 3 months or in 3 years. These future meetings are typically billed at the current hourly rate.

  2. Decide you want a written report. These clients generally move to Full Financial Plan service.

  3. Decide you need a detailed analysis of your portfolio. These clients generally are looking for more specific portfolio and investment information. This can be answered by an hourly charge ($275 per hour)

  4. Sign up for one of the On-Going services. Clients who utilize our On-Going services value the access to asset management and financial planning on a continuous basis. 

Scheduling a Meeting

You may schedule a meeting at one of our three office locations:

  • Barre: 51 Church Street, Barre Granite Association, Barre VT

  • So. Burlington: 76 Ethan Allen Drive, Suite #4, South Burlington, VT

  • St. Johnsbury: 770 Railroad Street, St. Johnsbury, VT